Taylor grew up in Rockwall, TX, approximately 20 miles east of Dallas. He graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University and worked as a Police Officer in Plano, TX, and subsequently San Marcos, TX, for five years. He then worked as a logistics broker for two years in Austin, TX, and ultimately moved to farm and ranch real estate.

Having family ranches/deer leases in Arkansas and East Texas for most of his life, the outdoors and property management has been an extreme passion of Taylor’s, along with his desire to serve others. Taylor currently lives in Liberty Hill, TX with his wife, Summer, and spends his free time hunting/fishing and with family.


Where do you live?

Liberty Hill, TX

Is that where you grew up?

No, I grew up in Rockwall, TX

Why have you chosen Ranch Real Estate as a career?
Ranch Real Estate combines two of my favorite things: outdoors and serving others. I’ve been
hunting/fishing and involved in property management all my life and it only made sense for me to pursue
Ranch Real Estate. My love for wide open spaces coupled with sales experience makes this field a perfect fit.
Describe the perfect work day.
My perfect work day begins with an early workout and a meal. Followed by walking/riding a beautiful
property in order to potentially sell a dream ranch to a client. A perfect workday would also involve walking clients through the selling/buying process and making the transaction as smooth as possible.
Describe the perfect non-work day.
Summertime and Springtime: Launching the boat and crappie fishing all morning. Later, hanging out

with my wife on the lake and frying up the crappie for dinner.

Fall and Wintertime: Being in my stand by daybreak and hopefully skinning something by lunch.

Followed by sitting by a fire with my wife and enjoying a bottle of wine.

If you could give one sentence advice about how to live life, what would that be?
Keep things simple and honest while following the Lord in everything you do.

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