Why Pricing Strategy Comes First

Accurately pricing your property when it is first brought to market is a must.


Because failure to do so can have substantial consequences. Studies show that land listings garner the highest level of interest within the first 60-90 days they are on the market. 

Failure to price your property appropriately within this crucial window can lead to selling your property for less money than you otherwise could have if it was initially priced accurately. High list prices and a poor pricing strategy are the number one reasons properties don’t sell within the average time on the market for the region. 

Pricing land is an inexact science that is often met with a lack of truly comparable sold data, and inaccurate sold prices shown on the internet, along with rumor and hearsay. These inconsistencies and inaccuracies paired with the emotion and biases that come along with selling a legacy property all play a role in speculative and overpriced listings. 

It’s a lot to navigate!

At Capital Ranch Sales we take pride in providing a sound and accurate data-driven pricing strategy that we can defend to our clients and buyers alike. Our approach is to compile data from multiple trusted sources including our own internal sales data, data from local land lending institutes, and appraisers, and verified sold data from the various platforms we are members on. 

Our goal is simple, we want to deliver an all-encompassing, fair, unemotional opinion of value, that we feel will position the property to sell quickly and at top dollar for our clients. Our promise to you is that we will not provide you with an inflated or inaccurate price in an attempt to “buy your listing”, as that is a waste of your time and energy and our resources. As a seller, you only get one opportunity to bring your ranch to market, and we are here to ensure you make the most of that opportunity.




Capital Ranch Sales is committed to providing the highest quality possible in regard to photography, videography, and first-class editing that ensures our client’s satisfaction. We are not professional photographers thus we don’t pretend to be. We allocate our own resources to hire the best in the business in the outdoor and wildlife photography space, knowing that is what is needed to generate a high level of interest from buyers. Every ranch has a unique story, and at Capital Ranch Sales we promise to tell that story through first-class photography, videography, and production that you, the seller, will be proud of.

Digital Marketing

It is without question that we live in a digital world. It is estimated that upwards of 60% of today’s ranch buyers use their mobile device in their ranch search. Your property has to exist on the right digital platforms in order to be seen by prospective buyers. We spare no expenses to ensure that we are members on all the necessary digital land platforms as well as local multiple listing services(MLS). Below is a comprehensive list of the digital marketing footprint where both you and buyers will find your listing to be marketed at the highest level. If it is a digital platform that generates buyer traffic, you can ensure your ranch will be found.

Print Marketing

While our world has gone digital, there is still a place for print marketing. We know there is nostalgia that comes along with opening a magazine or newspaper and prospective ranch buyers still utilize these forums to monitor the market. If a presence in the digital world is a must for marketing your property, print marketing can be viewed as a nice supplement to our digital footprint. Below is a comprehensive list of the print marketing footprint where both you and buyers could find your listing if agreed upon as part of our marketing strategy.

Social Marketing

Studies show that 70% of adults use Facebook and 40% Instagram. Social media is a highly interactive and dynamic world, and one that cannot be ignored with such a high number of users… At Capital Ranch Sales we consult with the best in the business to operate all of our social media platforms. Our consultants are efficient in engaging and delivering your listing directly to the masses across all social platforms.

Monthly Email Campaigns

Capital Ranch Sales has a far-reaching database made up of thousands of email addresses for buyers and brokers alike. This bi-weekly “email blast” is a proven marketing piece added to our already dynamic approach to listing exposure. As soon as your ranch hits the market, you can be sure that it will arrive directly in thousands of email inboxes that matter.


We invest a lot of resources to get your property in front of the right people and ultimately get them to the ranch. But our efforts extend well beyond just getting boots on the ground. Besides you, who knows your property best? The answer needs to be us! It is our job to spend the time necessary to get to know your property in a profound way that allows us to convey the message clearly to prospective buyers. It is imperative that our team of highly knowledgeable land associates is at every showing with the tools and equipment necessary to show your property as it should be. Comprehensive and interactive GPS mapping software paired with company-owned UTVs are utilized during every showing to ensure the ranch can be shown in its entirety and with the greatest level of detail and attention. A member of the Capital Ranch Sales team hosts all showings with prospective buyers to ensure safety, thorough and accurate representation of the property, and to ensure necessary respect to the improvements, habitat, wildlife, and livestock is shown at all times.

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