Tompall Glaser is a 5th-generation Texan born and raised in Fayette County, Texas. He spent much of his childhood playing baseball, hauling hay, and fishing for largemouth bass in Fayette Lake. After graduation, Tompall pursued his BBA Finance degree at Texas State University. His degree was first put to use at the LCRA, where he learned the intricacies of the electric power market, and later at various private equity companies focused on investing in and operating fleets of power plants across the country. Tompall recently decided to add ranch real estate agent to his resume at the suggestion of several close friends, in no small part due to the knowledge and expertise he gained while working to bring his family’s property in Kimble County back to health after decades of being over-hunted and overgrazed. During this time and through working with his grandfather, he learned the concept of land stewardship and what it means to “plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

Tompall has built rainwater collection systems, written and negotiated long-term hunting leases, learned the land’s history, and managed the property by looking decades into the future and making present-day decisions to support future goals. In addition, he has served as President of the Harper Wildlife Management Association, knows large swaths of Texas exceptionally well, and as a passion project, created a social network called the Texas Buck Registry to engage with hunters, ranchers, and landowners and share information on land and wildlife management. Since 2012, over 5,000 hunters have recorded their deer on the Registry and gathered more than 40K active followers on social media. Tompall’s commitment to going above and beyond for his clients fits in perfectly with the ethos at Capital Ranch Sales, where the client’s goals are the North Star. Tompall currently resides in Austin, Texas, with his two children, Oliver and Ada, his wife, Sarah, and pup, Chief.


Where do you live?

Austin, Texas

Is that where you grew up?

No, I grew up in Fayette County about 70 miles east of Austin.

Why have you chosen Ranch Real Estate as a career?

I love Texas ranch land and the flora and fauna that inhabits it.  Through working my own family’s Hill Country ranch and then creating the Texas Buck Registry, I’ve learned a lot and have developed a deep appreciation for what this state has to offer. 


Understanding a seller’s position from a landowner’s point of view helps me to better connect with the seller and gives me the tools I need to help achieve their specific goals whether that’s to transact in the quickest time, at the highest price or to help ensure that their cherished piece of Texas will be passed along to a buyer who will align with their ethos. 

My background and existing network also help me in assisting buyers to locate some of the best hunting land Texas has to offer.  So many transactions occur off-market, and being able to leverage a wide and diverse network can make a huge difference in the success of your search.

Describe the perfect work day.

My perfect work day involves making solid progress toward either helping a seller get closer to a closing or helping a buyer find their perfect ranch.  Every day I’m able to do that, I feel like it’s been time well spent.

Describe the perfect non-work day.

I spend a lot of my days away with my wife Sarah and our two young children on adventures near and far. 

If you could give one sentence advice about how to live life, what would that be?

There’s a phrase or notion my Grandfather taught me years ago that really resonated with me and that’s to “plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit”. 

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