About Capital Ranch Sales

Who We Are

Capital Ranch Sales is a leader in the farm and ranch real estate industry with a passion for serving our client’s rural land needs across the great state of Texas. With a love for land, wildlife, and conservation, Capital Ranch Sales is here to assist you with your buying and selling goals in any ecoregion of the state.

Leader In Farm And Ranch Real Estate

At Capital Ranch Sales, we take pride in our transactions the way you take pride in your land. There is nothing more meaningful than owning a piece of Texas. Both the buying and selling processes should be enjoyable. Our pledge is to do everything we can to provide our clients with the best experience possible from start to finish. 

We are ready to listen to your buying and selling goals, and eager to help you accomplish those goals with confidence. Your goals are our goals, your timeline is our timeline, and your priorities are our priorities. 

We understand that buying and selling land is a substantial monetary transaction that involves highly consequential decisions.  At Capital Ranch Sales we take pride in helping our clients navigate those decisions with confidence.


To provide value to buyers and sellers of rural land in Texas while glorifying God throughout the process.


To be the ranch broker of choice for buyers, sellers and agents alike across the state of Texas.

Core Values

We are genuine and strive for honest relationships.

We are committed to representing our clients at the highest level.

We are trustworthy and act in good faith.

We are dedicated to achieving our clients goals.

We are passionate about our industry and the value that we provide.